Richard Seymour accepts “greatest honor” of his life

Richard Seymour took the stage in Canton, Ohio on Saturday to accept his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, crediting those who supported him as everything came full circle for the all-time player.

Seymour was introduced by Titus Duren, his former high school principal, who spoke in a video highlight collection of Seymour’s best plays. “I realized he was special and had no doubt he would be successful,” said Duren, adding that Seymour was, ” A big fella but he could move,” a player whose athletic ability allowed him to dominate.

The teary-eyed Seymour revealed his bust that will reside in the Hall of Fame, a place he called “football heaven,” after taking the stage.

“I’m overwhelmed today with humility not because of what this moment says about me, but what this moment says about ‘we’ and what ‘we’ can do together,” began Seymour. “I’m overwhelmed with gratitude because I didn’t get here alone, none of us did. None of us could have. Class of ’22, they say you can judge a man by the company he keeps, I couldn’t be among better company than you. It’s a privilege to have my name bound forever with yours in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.”

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