They Ate At A “top” Restaurant, The Best They Ordered, But The Bill Intimidated Them: “This Is Crazy”.

five years ago, salt bae He was one of the most liked personalities by the internet users. Pictures and videos of popular Turkish cooks Seasoning Your Cut of Meat With their classic technology, they spread like fire through social networks, reaching accounts of famous people like Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Pacino and until Diego Armando Maradona,

But today his name is generally not in trend for positive reasons. after it went viral Nusrat Gokse (better known as Salt BA) established the locations for their series. restaurant In the most prestigious cities of the world, offer the public to try the dishes they usually see on their social networks. However, criticism of its service and prices soon became commonplace.

Steaks are available on the Salt BA menu for a few hundred dollars, with 24-karat gold leaf prices over $830 dollars, A photo of the receipt on Twitter explains the pricing in a bit more detail, and people were sorely surprised.

,It is cheaper to fly and eat in Turkish restaurants to go from salt ba London“, condemned a user of Twitter who shared Ticket of £1,812 (over $2,100) That included prices as low as £630 for a giant ‘tomahawk’ – a signature piece of beef – or £100 for a hamburger.

According to the photo, a giant tomahawk steak is £630, a golden burger £100, a burrata £25 and an onion flower £18. But it’s not just the food that comes with a price: Soda will also dent a customer’s bank account. Overall, the customer who shared his receipt on Twitter $290,000 Argentine Pesos Spent on Dinner,

But food isn’t the only thing that ravages purses at Salt Bay restaurants: The chef, renowned for his way of preparing dishes, decided to re-create the show cooking, which Internet users can enjoy giving their waiters dinner. To prepare the dishes on the table. , offer something tempting to watch and upload to your own social networks. it means that The service also has a high price,

Another group of people who contacted the restaurant in London shared details of their purchase, which totaled an exorbitant amount. $51,000, However, what bothered him the most was the exorbitant cost of table service, an additional 15% of the total diners. Reached 5,000 pounds ($6,900),

Users’ reactions were of complete outrage: “£4,829 service charge for a man to ruin his steak with a pound of salt?”, “I can’t afford the £50 service charge. Imagine 5000. this is insane”, “Salt BA is a hoax. This amount cannot be charged for table service. it’s not ethical“why”It is criminal to charge for the service. 5000 pounds! Salt Bay would have hit the table“Famous chefs had some comments about prices.

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